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Welcome to Word Of Inspiration, This place has been created out of love and encouragement for every individual to have a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father God, and a reminder of Jesus Christ who paid the ultimate price of atonement, for our benefit to have direct access to salvation. May the Holy Spirit help and guide you to the knowledge and understanding made available through the Word Of God. Please take a moment and look around our shop. There you will find a unique collection of items for your enjoyment. Thanks for visiting!

The Time To Act Is Now

The day ahead promises to be busy. Your schedule is full. Your to-do list is spilling onto a second page. But there are a few items at the bottom of the list that were there yesterday, as well as the day before....

Being A Living Stone, I Presume

"This is the church and this is the steeple. Open the door and see all the people." This children's finger play, where you get to wiggle your intertwined fingers in such a way as to make the people inside the church sway with delight, is only half right...

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