Every Season Is A Celebration

“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” says the Lord.

Isaiah 46:4 NIV

Every Season Is A Celebration

Every season has a beauty all its own. From winter’s snowfall to the first buds of spring, summer-ripened strawberries to a canopy of fall colors, it’s hard to choose which season is best. Perhaps the fact that seasons change is one important aspect of their beauty. If you life became perpetual summer, chances are you’d lose some of your appreciation for sunny afternoons and long for a cooling breeze every now and again.

Like the natural world, your body experiences various seasons of life. But there’s one season most people want to hold on to dearly – youth. The problem is, seasons change and so do people. Trying to hold on to youth is like an apple tree trying to retain its beautiful spring blossoms. If its efforts did succeed, it would miss out on bearing fruit.

Your body is a impermanent dwelling place that God created for the real you to live in while you’re here on earth. But it’s temporary structure. The good news is that while your body is aging, the real you inside is maturing. It’s becoming more beautiful as the years pass by, God’s spirit and your life experience are rounding off some of your rough edges and polishing some of your finer points to an even more attractive finish.

Accepting and even learning to appreciate the process is one way to simplify your life. Trying to wear the same size your did in high school, keeping your hair from looking gray or creating the illusion that your skin is immune to wrinkles takes time, energy, and resources. It also encourages you to gauge some of your self-worth on your appearance, which gives other people’s opinions too much weight in your life. Keep in mind that every season you and your body are in – and revel in it – will make every time of your life more beautiful and less stressful


Every age has it own unique beauty and potential for growth.

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