Friendship: How can I tell if a friendship is unhealthy?

Psalms 1-3


Friendship: How can I tell if a friendship is unhealthy?

By looking at character

When you and your friend share different values it’s easy to feel as if your friendship is unhealthy. Yet having a friend with different standards and morals isn’t necessarily wrong – if you stand up for what you believe and refuse to compromise your standards. Your can respect your friend for the godly qualities he or she shows, but pray he or she will find the truth and the love of God through Jesus Christ. Love her with a genuine, humble heart and stay away from an attitude of superiority.

If, however, any friend – no matter what his or her beliefs – offer evil advice or sneers at God, put some distance between you and that person for a while. Don’t let yourself fall into cynical, scoffing ways, but be grateful to God in all things. Ask God to guide you in the details of this friendship.

In any case, nourish yourself with God’s Word and delight yourself in God’s love. Watch those at your church who reflect God’s love and pick up their gentleness and kindness. When your roots go down deep with God, your are better equipped to let him use you to salt the earth and light the world. (See Proverbs 4:14-15, Proverbs 22:24-25, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.)

Words to Remember:

They are like trees growing beside a stream, trees that produce fruit in season and always have leaves. Those people succeed in everything they do. – Psalms 1:3

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